January 23, 2017


“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. Most of us are about as eager to change as we are to be born and go through our changes in a similar state of shock.”

James Baldwin as quoted by Linda Graham in her weekly newsletter.


I am in the midst of exceeding change as I prepare to move home and business out of the country that has held me so safely and happily for almost 30 years, back to the country of my birth. Just yesterday I truly faced the truth that some of what I want from that change may or may not happen. BUT it absolutely isn’t going to happen if I do not make it clear what it is I want.

I can not tell you the total body relief I felt when I let my entire self melt into the reality that if I do not make clear to myself and others, my realtor included in this, what it is I want and expect, I will very likely get less than I want and expect. Glory be above. I feel liberated

Something similar, as I see it, is happening world-wide: voices are being heard like never before. Millions of people of speaking up for themselves and each other. We are in a state of collapse, for the purpose of becoming prepared to re-emerge in a new, and oh dear land hopefully, better way. As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer; as vulnerable, needy people get trampled on and ignored and turned away; as we allow dignity and compassion to fade into the distance and violence and bullying becomes almost the norm; as we feel desperate and disenfranchised, we absolutely find we are loosing our grip on what is sacred and holy and fair and just.

We became numb out of disbelief that this really could happen to us.

Out of this chaos I believe will be born a newer, fresher, more joyful and kinder world. The one we prefer for our children to grow up in. A world where all can thrive, where beauty is embraced, and differences accepted. In this time of crumbling there is a great deal of pain and fear. But I do believe I can feel hovering in the back ground a small light of hope and a quiet hum of expectancy. Those of us who do not like what is happening, have reason to hope that with the support of millions of others, change is about to happen. Out of the dark belly of the whale great possibilities might very well be tossed up to the shore and a new opportunity of growth and change, I believe, just quivers with the delight of all the possibilities that can bring us to a lush, thriving, healthy, benign, precious and sacred world again.

Which is how it all began. And which is how it absolutely should be.


  • I am grateful for some sun shine today
  • I am grateful my heart has settled
  • I am grateful for new clients I have received lately
  • I am grateful for good food I have been preparing and eating
  • I am grateful for sleep
  • I am eternally grateful for the love and constant company of dear Aimee

Blessings dear friends, write to me, Nancy

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