January 20, 2017


Big- heartedness is the most essential virtue in the spiritual world.”

Mathew Fox


Inauguration Day! And I declare my home free of Stevie the Skunk! Service Master came today and finished the last of the clean up for me! One more bath for Aimee and I am done. Done with allowing skunk smells to lead my life. Done with having my nose in the air sniffing to see if it is safe to breath whenever I come inside my house. Done with fearing I am embarrassing myself because I let things get out of hand.

Now, can we make some symbolizim out of that? LOL

Might Service Master work its magic on a bully who wants to rule the world……unfairly and unkindly, stupidly and crassly? With NO class whatsoever and maturity flown out the window……

No, that won’t work. So let’s look at it another way: if you wait long enough, if you are patient enough, do all you know to do that is right, take enough baths and do enough scrubbing, scouring and cleaning, if you throw away what stinks and no longer works, if you breath deeply and trust that this too shall find its way out of my life…..the smell will go away…eventually…maybe…hopefully.  Certainly?

Let’s hope so!

I am more and more ready to move. I feel more settled, in charge, on top of things in my small world. I have called in the forces and have the help I need. Selling, building, buying, moving….let me take it on. I Am READY FOR YOU!

Trump…..I am not ready for you. Never will be. But I am hopeful for the world I live in. I am hopeful kindness and big-heartedness will find the way into the hearts of all of us. Including you. Surely you have some caring for someone other than yourself somewhere inside you. Surely your mother taught you some manners somewhere along the way. Surely, even you can see beyond your greedy self centered self some of the time.

Surely. If you have any conscience at all.




  • I am eternally grateful that I feel much better than I was feeling for about a week
  • I am very grateful to the many who helped me get here
  • I am grateful I currently live in Canada and feel some distance from the pain and chaos and fear and uncertainty in US
  • I am grateful for the work done and hopefully completed in taking care of the skunk issue
  • I am grateful for my lovely home
  • I am happy I have a lovely home that I will hand over to another family where I know they will find love and loving spirits
  • I am happy with my life.

Hugs, Nancy

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