January 2, 2017


“There are two ways of spreading light:
to be the candle or ( to be ) the mirror that reflects it.”

Edith Warton


Do I know how to be the candle? For that matter, I’m not all that certain I know how to reflect it either…..but I think reflecting light, love, joy, peace, hope is very likely what I try to do. Holding the candle, lighting it, leading with light and love is maybe a bigger challenge. But, you know what, it is one I feel like embracing.

How about you? Do you feel prepared to speak out and speak up for the ways in which we live in a beautiful world? Are you ready to defend, even explain and show your understanding of our times? Does what is happening in our world make any sense at all to you……

In many ways I think the world makes perfect and exact sense. I have trouble with terrorism, torture, millions dying of neglect and lack of resources. Everyone has trouble with that. Of course. It is wrong and should not be happening.

Dare I say at the same time, we are a learning and growing world. We, every one of us, have so very many lessons to learn, things to remember, truths to embrace and accept and take action on. We every one of us throughout the world came here to learn to light our own candle, to guide and teach and hold precious the beauty on offer. We, every single one of us, muck it all up now and again. That’s when it is our responsibility to get more information, take ownership, redo, apologize, and get it right the next time.

It is my responsibility to mirror the good I witness in the world, just as I am responsible for not contributing to the evil.

My world at this very exact minute is very small. It is skunk focused. It is clearing away the stench, the awesome all-encompassing, prolonged, querulous, whisper/wail of skunk that lives in my nose. So as I see it, once I have brought lavender, roses, and lilies of the valley into my nostrils again, I will be able to find symbolism in the slow motion scene of watching Aimee try to kill a skunk and the skunk fighting back in the only way she knew how……saying that gives thoughts for one to wonder about, creates images and ideas just in itself.

Don’t we all fight back in the only way we know how when we have been attacked. Of course. It is true, I am not so very pleased with Aimee. And the skunk did what skunks do, protect itself. Lordy, life is interesting.

I hold high my candle of love. I challenge you to reflect that back, always.



  • I am grateful I may be making progress with neutralizing the malodorous  air I am breathing.
  • I am grateful my friend Carol is taking Aimee for an adventure on the beach today.
  • I am grateful for a washing machine and dryer to help clear up the evil smells in my beautiful home.
  • I am grateful for my beautiful home
  • I am grateful for all the love I am given
  • I am grateful for a family that accepts me

Hugs and love and sweet sweet breathing, Nancy

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