January 19, 2017


“When sorrows come, they come not as single spies, but in battalions!”

William Shakespeare


We often say misery comes in threes. I don’t know where the number three comes from but Shakespeare seems to suggest battalions, which is a whole lot more than three!

I know it often feels like hundreds of hard times all at once. It may not be quite that much, but never does it seem we have one problem to face at a time and then one more…..on and on in a manageable fashion. Always several and we just feel deeper and deeper into the longing to take a deep safe fear free breath.

I think emotionally that may be what it feels like as the day for the President Elect to be inaugurated is upon us. Now China is uncertain and frustrated and setting some bottom lines. If the United States is unable to stop this debacle someone else in the world will step forward. Who?

To be contemplated.

I think in our own personal lives difficulties come  in groups because the first one wears us down and we become more vulnerable to the second, and then number three just hops right in and takes over. Learning to ride it out, live through it, and trust this too shall pass is a life long journey for many of us. It is interesting to me how letting go and letting life have its way with you does bring us to a place of eventual rest and resolution. My, what courage it takes to let go. The desire to take charge and change things is enormous and often gets in our way. Pulling away from the fray; breathing into the quiet, soft velvety hope of peace and sanity offers the possibility of some moments of calm and tends to work better than becoming frantic.

I am not suggesting we be stupid or inattentive or hide. Just not contribute to the current fears and anxieties and live our own life with dignity and kindness.

A big lesson to learn.

As the new year unfolds, I urge you to consider facing life with more hope and intentional joy. Not at all easy to do. Transcending chaos, uncertainty and fear is an enormous task.  Worth working on however, for the sake of our own sanity and for the safety of those we love. Fear of the future does not make the future go away. Hope in the NOW can help shift the future.

Blessings and love to all. I hold our collective concern in my mind and I send out energy for hope and joy to re-emerge as it naturally will when we open the space for that to happen.


  • I am grateful my heart is doing better
  • I am grateful for the significant help in processing and understanding my own angst given to me by a dear friend via texting.
  • I am grateful for the help she also gave me with Aimee
  • I am grateful for a very supportive and loving phone call with my daughter Lisa.
  • I am grateful to be alive and living the life I am living.

Love always, Nancy

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