January 13, 2017


“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of imagination.”

Keats as found in Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore


Oh! I like this quote! Out of all the chaos and uncertainty in our world today, there are 2 things I can count on says the great poet and philosopher, Keats: Holiness of our heart and truth of our imagination.

Absolutely. Love is holy. It is precious and sacred and special. Imagination, I also call this intuition, is magic, wise, heart-felt, deeply personal. We can count on believing in the sacredness of heartfelt and heart intended connections.  And we can count on the rightness of our quiet intentional intuition/imagination, dreams, visions, hopes. Saying yes to love and yes to imagination will keep us walking in the holiest of places from which we can count on good things happening for us.

I am currently having a problem with a former colleague whom I had hoped could be a friend but that never worked out well. I have been so in a tizzy about how to handle myself that my blood pressure began to soar. Yes, indeed. One’s body gives one huge signals. I soon realized it was important for me to take care of myself. I must honour and respect my feelings.  My intuition says be careful. My blood pressure went down noticeably when I made my decision to follow my heart in taking care oi me and follow my intuition in taking care of our situation.

Clarity of imagination/intuition and listening to one’s heart does not always mean doing what someone else wants you to do. Nor does it always mean necessarily being right, at least in the eyes of the other person. It means being true to self and trusting a higher plan. The trick is to stay positive and not move into a place of getting even or paying back. It is not about the other person. It is about you. What is heartfelt in a Holy way? What is the truth in imagination?

It requires contemplation to understand what heart and imagination want for us. It calls for going deep inside your soul and listening to the whispers of wisdom that you actually remember when you are intentional and serious about wanting to be the best possible you.

I spend at least an hour every day doing what I call “integrating”. Sometimes that means taking a nap. Sometimes listening to music. Sometimes simply being still and waiting and knowing that all will come together if I allow myself to know what I know. I invite you to find your daily quiet time, however long that might be and whatever name you might want to give it. Time to remember the holiness of the heart and the truth of the imagination.

Hugs and love forever, Nancy


  • I am grateful for sun and blue skies and albeit cold, a safe walk with Aimee today
  • I am grateful my mind and heart are taking good care of me
  • I am grateful I do not NEED to be liked in the same way I may have needed in the past
  • I am grateful for the work I love to do and clients who trust me
  • I am grateful to be me
  • I am grateful for all those who find this blogging of mine useful

In gratitude, Nancy

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