January 12, 2017


“I love and am loved fully and freely…..

Julia Cameron in her book Heart Steps


I am going to continue to quote Cameron from her tiny little gem of a book:” I love and am loved fully and freely. My desire to be loved is a healthy part of my human nature. Giving and receiving love are as natural as breathing out and breathing in. I breathe in the love I need…., which is within me and all around me. I breathe out the love others need. I am nurtured both by giving and by receiving. I freely allow others to love me. I myself freely love others.”

A beautiful affirmation that I offer you to hold in your heart at least once each day for the rest of this month. I believe you will find peace. I suspect there might be renewed hope. I offer the opportunity for you to become stronger and safer in loving and being loved. Our strength, our health, our happiness, and our balance will be found in the assurance that there is never ending love, always enough, always available, and we are always deserving.


  • I am grateful for a quiet day of rest
  • I am grateful for a day with some work and expectations and not too many
  • I am grateful for another day of no skunk smell.
  • I am grateful that I feel loved and I know how to love
  • I am grateful I am who I am

Love surrounds us always. Don’t forget to see it. Nancy

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