January 1, 2017


“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


On the whole I don’t tend to fret very much about what lies behind me. Most times I can let go and move forward. From time to time I let my imagination and energy focus on regret about roads not taken, mysteries not solved, words not said, and when I look at the BIG picture of eight decades, I get amazed and befuddled and even ashamed about successes I didn’t make happen.

What I wish I did less of is worrying about what lies ahead. All I can do anything about is this very moment. This one……..this one….this very one. The past has been done and the future hasn’t happened yet. NOW is truly all I have. Staying in the NOW means letting yourself/myself know what is inside me. Letting ourselves feel and remember and admit to what goes on at our very core, in our soul, in the soft deep velvety pit of who we truly are.

If I divert myself by focusing on past mistakes, things not done or done wrong or begun and not finished, if I loose my attention on being fearful of what looms in my future, I side step my responsibility to my inside self. Deep inside me and inside you there are longings, pleasures, regrets, dreams; deep inside we can find wisdom and divinity. Our whole, unique, precious One With God self lives at our very core and always deserves attention and awe.

As we begin a new year let’s all agree to honour and respect our inner beauty and brilliance. Let’s agree not to be hard on our precious loving dearly beloved self and always celebrate and pardon whoever we are each day. We start a new year, we can wear proudly a new self: a self full of positive energy, full of love and respect, a self that holds everyone in equal regard.

I plan to make 2017 a year of endings and beginnings. I see the year ahead full of mystery and hope. My wish for all of us is that we allow our divine inside self to thrive and expand and that we individually make a huge difference in our struggling, hurting, majestic, uncertain, trembling and troubled world.


  • I am grateful for time to be me.
  • I am grateful for kindly help by a stranger and a dear friend in learning what to do about Aimee and my home following the altercation Aimee had with a skunk in our back yard.
  • I am grateful for my precious grandsons and his 4 friends; for the kindness and caring as they spent 2 days and 2 nights with me; for the respect and maturity as they helped me with my Christmas tree and cleaned up any messes they may have made in their sleeping quarters and did their own cooking.
  • I am grateful the sun is shining today
  • I am grateful for work to begin on Wednesday.

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