A Short Hiatus

I’m going to take a bit of a break from Almost Daily Missal from Nancy as well as this Going Out on a Limb blogging that I have been doing. It may be less than a week, it may be more. I am not certain.

I am beginning to work with my creative writing mentor Sara who is helping me do re-writes and polishing. I have NO idea what I am signing up for and will for sure keep you updated in some way.

Meanwhile, as I am learning and growing and honing my craft, I urge you to continue daily gratitudes, to look intentionally for creative outlets for yourself, to hold love and hope in your heart and mind.

I am hoping a fair number of those of us who want to will take me up on my suggestion that as a world wide group we all take 30 seconds every day to simply focus/meditate on a positive world. Fill our heart and soul with the image and sound and beauty of one word that can also be sent into the universe and meet with thousands of other one words for the hope that change and growth can continue to happen in our life and in our world in a safe and connected way.

Worlds to consider: hope, love, fun, laughter, beauty, grace, regard, dignity, together, song, joy, movement, the divine, precious, blessed….on and on.

A positive wave moving over, around, and throughout the universe. Sent by each of us.

Love always, I will be back soon. Nancy

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