Please Hold Us In Love As We Attempt To Straighten Our Bent Thinking

I continue to realize that there is a way in which I have not yet given up my place of numb and stunned about the US election. Fear returned this morning as I began to put together how my day is going to go. Then just now I found myself praying for guidance to find the words of dismay that I feel. I want my words to be wise and useful, to speak for those who like me, have lost their voice to their incredulity.

I watched Obama and Hillary’s speeches again yesterday and felt proud of their maturity, generosity, wisdom, graciousness, and sadness. I find it so very sad that so many voices of outrage have been missed over all these years. There have been millions of people who have been trying to tell us that they feel disenfranchised, they have lost their place of respect and regard, they have no jobs, they have had their voices taken from them.

At last they think they have been heard.

Oh my! At what cost? Their rage is frightening. Innocent, fragile, vulnerable people, old and young, all colours and sexual orientation and religions and abilities are going to pay a huge price for not taking seriously that there are people who do not agree with us and will absolutely get theirs back just as soon as they are able to do so. We have errored.  We have errored as far back as the Civil War, the Women’s Movement, Desegregation, Viet Nam, by not taking seriously the words and needs of those with whom we have disagreed. So much of our problem solving is about winning, and so little is about listening to each other and trying to find a place of acceptance for our differences.

There is an ugly dark seeping wound at the core of our beloved country. The country that my father felt so much pride to be a citizen of. The country that left what they found to be persecution and came across the ocean to build new. I wonder if it is possible to heal that wound? I wonder if it has not festered for so very long that it has to die so as to be able to start over.

I long to be part of the healing, the starting over, the new struggle that leads with love and hope and peace and balance. I fear I have to be part of the death before I can join a rebirth. I fear that is the case for all of us. We are watching the throes of death and we have to support and love each other as the last breath is released so we can lay to rest the injustices of the past and begin again. Rebuild, renovate if you will,  hopefully with greater wisdom and greater generosity and creativity.

We ALL long to fit, to belong, to be loved, to be seen, heard and understood. Our enemies want and deserve that. We want and deserve that. Those we don’t know, who are not enemies but are a mystery to us, want those some things. Safety, security, pride, love, admiration, a place and a life in which they shine and thrive. EVERY PERSON on this plant, on this earth, in this world, in our country deserves respect, safety and to be wanted and belong. Until we learn how to help all of us find a place of safety and love we will be struggling. Struggling toward a greater good for all is excellent, commendable, valiant and courageous. Struggling against others, pushing and fighting others away or out or down will only exacerbate the dissatisfaction.

Those of us who are not happy with the results of this election must find our courage to step out and learn to include, remember to listen, believe we are not always right. Of course it is not right to kill and maim and take away human rights. I need help, deeply need help, to learn to do what I think I have to do: listen for what those I do not agree with are trying to tell me. Listen. What do they have to say that I did not understand or know or realize or want to hear? I am not and have not been always right, or always informed, or always of best intention.

I am afraid of the things Obama fought so hard for us to rightfully receive being taken away. I suspect they will be taken away. I hate that and it scares me for myself and for millions of others and for the image of us the rest of the world has. Nonetheless, I owe it to myself as well as to all people, to listen to others when they want to tell me something and to not always assume I am the one who is right. It is not right to say and do the things that went on in the pre- election months. And still, we have to do our part now with courage, maturity, and creativity.

I’m going to shower and then walk Aimee. I am going to pray all of us who would have deeply preferred for this election to have turned out differently, to support and love and care for each other, even as we learn and remember to try to open our heart and our eyes and our ears and listen to someone who does not agree with us. I suspect we all have a lot to learn. And I think we are finding out very late that we all have a lot we can teach as well if we can stay grounded in our hope and generosity, just as I witnessed Hillary Clinton and Barrak Obama doing these last few days.

God, angels, spirits, All That Is, The One, Allah, Buddha, we need all the help we can get. Please be with us, guide us, support and love all of humanity. We are precious, we are still trying to learn, we make mistakes and we want to grow. Hold our suffering for us as we gather together our resources and move forward with determination. Hold us in love and understanding as we attempt to straighten up the bent thinking we have been living with for so long.

Blessed be. Nancy

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