November 7, 2016


“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Carl Rogers

“Acceptance involves no blame or shame: it allow us to honor and accept….”

Linda Graham in Bouncing Back


Total acceptance of self. Responsibility for choices and behaviors. But accepting and compassion for who we are and what we do. That sets the foundation for being able to stretch and grow into more than who I am at this moment. If I accept ME, my light and my dark side, if I don’t put energy and angst into fighting against who I am but gently agree that this is true, this is who I am and who I have become; in that gentleness, in that acceptance, in the midst of what is true, I have the courage and the smarts to do something new and different with that ME.

Self acceptance is not always easy for some of us. Some of us blame and judge and expect more or other from ourselves. But that obviously doesn’t help and clearly isn’t useful. Energy and focus put into blaming oneself is wasted. That same energy and focus could better go into accepting what is and decided to do something more or less or different about it…..or accepting what is and simply doing just that: accepting.

Rick Hanson, a neuroscience psychologist teaches that it takes 5 positives to cancel one negative. Better get to work!! Better hone your radar for noticing and listening and take in 5 positive things that are happening or you have witnessed or you have done or is happening around you, so that one negative won’t have so darn much power. Accepting you just as you are is empowering. It gives energy and hope and release from fear and despair. Gratitudes hold a golden opportunity for surrounding yourself with 5 positives so you can begin to build a solid strong foundation for any changes or growth you might be considering


  • I am grateful for renewed energy and hopeful focus on changes I want to embrace in my future
  • I am grateful for a new idea or 2 that rattles around in my mind and brain and heart and has potential for exciting new ways to use my mind, my skills and my experiences
  • I am grateful for even more of these magnificent golden autumn days
  • I am grateful for 2 really lovely connections Aimee and I had when walking at the cemetery today
  • I am grateful I have the energy and am excited about the traveling Lisa and I will soon be doing.
  • I am grateful I am me and I feel newly freed to create and dream.   Hugs,  Nancy

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