November 5, 2016


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu


Choosing to love someone is not for the faint of heart. Love requires diligence, wisdom, commitment, kindness, willingness to let go and choosing to not do pay back. Love expects us to be mature and think of other before self. Some would say love expects forgiveness. I more likely would say love requires letting go and transcending.

When I know I am loved I glow. I breathe more deeply and freely and I walk in the world without defences. I am strong.

I’m learning to love myself in a way that takes quite a bit of courage. Loving yourself means you speak your truth, you take risks that might have results you prefer to not have, you do not absorb the judgment of others.

Put it all together: being loved, loving others, and loving self and you are one spectacular human being. It takes mindfulness and determination to achieve all three. And I think it is just fine to understand that being loved, loving others and loving self is a work in progress. It takes maturity. Over many years we shift and change and grow and gradually unfold into the whole person we came into this earth to become.

Over time the joy of love warms us and holds us and comforts us, and as Loa Tzu says, gives us strength and courage.


  • I am grateful for all who love me
  • I am grateful Aimee shows me how loved I am every minute of each day
  • I am grateful I have been courageous enough to have loved and am loving
  • I am grateful for the strength I receive from the love there is in the world

Embrace life, it is precious. Nancy

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