November 3, 2016


“Love guards the heart from the abyss.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Isn’t that just the simple absolute truth. How could we go on if there was no love in our life? Sometimes we long for more. Sometimes we miss, as in don’t see, how much love really is there for us just for the taking. Help yourself, be my guest, stop closing your ears and eyes and heart and welcome me…..that’s what love might be saying to you and you don’t even realize it.

Without any love at all there would only be misery, despair, and hopelessness.

At the risk of sounding trite and redundant, it really does seem to me difficult to forget about love when you walk through the golden world of our autumn days. Even after a rain, the sky turns brilliant, the breeze is gentle and the colours simply dance.

I found myself humming while walking Aimee at the cemetery this morning. Trust me, me humming is not a pretty thing to behold. But my joy was shining and the birds and the most precious puppy on the planet didn’t mind a bit. Not the magnificence of Mozart, but certainly one woman and puppy enjoying the precious delight of a beautiful autumn morning. Aimee and I were the very representation of love as we moved together through the quiet morning.

Without love there really isn’t much reason to hang around. I wish we could stretch our mind and heart sometimes and let our eyes see and our ears hear more about the love that does exist and less about the loss of love that seems to just move right in and take over our lives sometimes. The abyss of no love at all, as Mozart tells us, through his music and in this quote, can be never-ending and very dark.

Let music remind you of being loved and of giving love. Let a golden or a scarlet leaf give you a nudge of recognition and a reminder of what you have and may have forgotten. Let a bird song or a flower or a child’s laughter fill you with memory and hope. Let a puppy look up at you with faith and trust. Let a child ask for a hug.

Don’t fall into the abyss. Love abounds, surrounds, holds us. Just look.


  • I am grateful for 3 dear friends who took me out for a wonderful dinner and celebrated both my birthday and my transition from Bellhaven Rd. Toronto, to Sassafras Trails, Portage.
  • I am grateful for a mild autumn
  • I am grateful I passed my drivers test today
  • I am grateful for a full tummy and a tender heart

Sleep well dear friends, Nancy

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