November 18, 2016


“If we are brave enough often enough, we will fall; this is the physics of vulnerability. When we commit to showing up and risking falling, we are actually committing to falling.”

Brene Brown author Rising Strong


Brene Brown has an absolutely excellent YouTube video on vulnerability. Take a look. I think you will be pleased, impressed, feel grateful for how seen and understood you are by her when you step out and take a risk. She says if you risk often it is inevitable that you will fall at some point. It just can’t go on forever.

Too bad that! When I risk and then fall I often take a huge step back, and am reluctant to risk again. What I am learning to do however is, when I risk and fall, to think deeply and kindly within my vulnerable self and remember a place of safety: my home, my puppy, a friend, often times an expert. I take a walk in a scared place, I take a nap, sometimes I make a phone call and often times I write.

When I risk going deeper into technology than I understand, get scared and make a big mistake, I feel just fine about asking someone to help me out. No longer to I feel defeated. Instead, I feel triumphant that I tried, grateful for help, and willing to stand up again and take yet another risk that I might feel or look like an aging idiot.

What I know is that each tiny step helps me feel more prepared for the next risk. And one of these times I really might be able to see the task to its completion. I wasn’t born knowing how to navigate my way through technical stuff. I was born knowing how to listen, observe, think, feel, empathize. Others don’t do that well. I do. We all have our particular skills.

I think the risk we all need to take today is to stand up for and speak out for our belief in hope, love, positive thinking, gratitudes, a world that wants change and wants to heal. It is imperative not to get lost in the fear or in anger or even outrage about what is happening in the US. That is not useful. I have a son who holds steady in a constant and solid way. He understands how to see the way through shaky times. He helps me. Sometimes I forget.

Risk. Risk loving. Risk trusting. Risk holding the hope for a safe world. We will fall to our knees again and again. But a warm wash cloth and a quick bandage will give some comfort and we can again hold steady for what we believe in, what we actually know to be true: that love is what really matters. Always.


  • I am grateful for the love of my family
  • I am grateful to be joining family soon for US Thanksgiving celebration
  • I am exceedingly grateful for the excellent and smart thinking help with my technological problems today from my Administrative Assistant
  • I am grateful for a good full rich life
  • I am grateful to alive, healthy, active and passionate about my future

Love always, Nancy

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