November 15, 2016


“Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society, its basic values, its social and political structure, its arts, its key institutions-rearranges itself. We are currently living through such a transformation.”

Peter Drucker    author Post-Capitalist Society


Life certainly is being rearranged. Voices are coming from far away, what we foolishly thought was far behind us, demanding to be heard and taken seriously. The way it is being done is horrendous. The response to the horror doesn’t look so good either.

STOP. LISTEN. LOOK. We All deserve to be heard. We All deserve to live a life of integrity and peace. Finding compassion for self means we can each have a moment of safety so as to be able to allow for compassion for another. Change is happening. It was meant to be happening. It had to happen. Change frightens us. But responding with fear or hatred doesn’t get the job done.

A friend said this will all sort itself out within the next 45 years! Peter Drucker says a handful of decades. Clearly I won’t be here to live with the results of the transformation currently in our midst. But I can be in the foreground of urging thoughtfulness, consideration, maturity.

It is time we all embrace what many have been urging for decades now: everyone has a story to tell and every story has meaning and power and value. We each actually have a new story every day, and all of those stories deserve to be heard with compassion and reverence. Win-lose means everyone ultimately will lose. Win-win is possible if we will listen with an open heart and a mind that accepts and is willing to learn.


  • I am grateful that my mind is longing to learn, to understand and to expand.
  • I am grateful books and people and poetry and music are coming into my life in a healing and splendid way.
  • I am grateful that I want to and can write what is in my heart.
  • I am grateful for anyone for whom what I have to say resonates.
  • I am grateful to be alive in this incredible time of change and growth

Blessings always, Nancy

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