November 10, 2016


“Change always comes bringing gifts.”

Price Pritchett


I considered using that quote yesterday, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to see how that could be possible when considering the US election results. A night to sleep on how I feel about Donald Trump’s triumph has helped considerably.

Yesterday I was between numb and scared most of the day. Numb with the not understanding how he received so many of the women’s votes. Scared of what it means for the world and scared for myself financially as I prepare to return to my roots. After spending time last night with caring and thoughtful people, a good night’s sleep, and coming into a once again beautiful autumn morning, I have found renewed strength and hope and hopefully even some wisdom.

A lot of people in the US have, for a long time, felt invisible and not heard. The feelings of being disenfranchised goes a long way back. At least as far back as the Civil War and certainly as far back as the Women’s movement. People have had jobs taken from them, their means of making a living, their wealth, their life style, their pride and self-confidence. There are those who have not been heard or understood for generations/hundreds of years.

New needs to happen. Out of the ashes, and there are definitely ashes of death and loss of dreams and hopes and life style choices, out of these ashes hopefully will emerge a life style that can suit all. Out of the struggle ahead for the next I have no idea how many years, will emerge a new and hopefully more balanced and harmonious life for all people.

Fear and anger are not helpful. Hard work, heartfelt kindness and thoughtfulness, a listening ear and an acceptance of difference is at the core I believe, of what needs to happen next. Working together, not needing to win, but learning and working together for the greatest possible good for everyone is where the healing and the triumph really will eventually emerge.


  • I am eternally grateful for almost 30 years in Canada where I have lived and learned so very much
  • I am eternally grateful for my roots and the country I lived in for 55 years where I grew and loved and learned so very much
  • I am eternally grateful for the love I receive and give in both Canada and the US
  • I am eternally grateful for the many gifts I have received throughout my life time
  • I am eternally grateful that I have an opportunity to return to the US and be a part of these next decades of tearing down and building back up

Blessed be to our world as it changes. May we all find our own gifts each day of our lives. Nancy

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