November 1, 2016


“How we spend our days, is of course, how we live our lives.”

Annie Dillard author


Very interesting! Makes me thoughtful……every day I hope to accomplish something that matters to someone: to myself, to someone I love, to someone I hold in regard or find interesting or who comes into my life for a tiny moment and moves onward, to someone I don’t know but they somehow have found me…..

I find I notice small things theses days. The big splash I used to hope to make in life no longer matters. What matters now is 5 minutes on the phone with someone who is hurting, a quick text with a friend who is lonely, mediating about world suffering and loss, a book filled with gems that makes me smile, music and learning about how and why and where it was written…..on and on. What matters today, and mattered yesterday, and will matter tomorrow is whether or not I did or said or saw or thought one thing, just one tiny thing that might have meaning for someone else.

I want to do something every day that welcomes connection. I want every day to notice something of beauty, to acknowledge someone’s pain, to lighten the burden a person might feel they are carrying all alone. This morning while walking Aimee at the cemetery I exchanged brief smiles with a young man walking toward me. As I walked by I realized he was crying. Blessings, on this lovely morning, I said softly so he wouldn’t have to hear if he didn’t want to. Thanks, you too, he said. I hold him in my heart. I don’t know if that brief connection helped.

I received a text from my son today that filled my heart and soul with joy. I felt seen and respected. Everyday, at the end of my life, I hope I share love.

Feeling safe and being kind are the two most important pieces in any relationship. There are so very many pieces in every relationship. But when the lens of life is exquisitely focused it is really just about kindness and safety.


  • I am grateful when I feel seen and respected
  • I am grateful for a balmy autumn day with coloured leaves on the ground and still on the trees that are spectacular
  • I am grateful for a big pot of rice and sausage and roasted red pepper sauce that I made and will nourish me for days.
  • I am grateful for the connection I had today with my friend and colleague who uses my office space on Tues. and Fri. afternoons
  • I am grateful for Aimee’s sweet warm belly as she stretches over my legs when we read together in the afternoon.

Love always, Nancy

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