October 5, 2016


“The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope.”

Samuel Johnson


As the holder of the hope whenever clients trust me with their pain and their story, I have high regard for the longing we all have for change, support, help, new, other, peace, love, belonging, health, feeling safe. Life is about challenge. From one huge stretch to the next. Always requiring a strong dash of hope that ultimately we are safe, loved, wanted and someone somewhere is paying attention.

Huge struggles like our own health, the loss of a loved one, changing jobs, a child gone astray, and many others, can catch us off guard and take our breath away for a while. Getting up of the ground and shaking off the fear, finding hope and putting one step ahead of you can be so daunting as to be nearly impossible. Time. It takes time. Time to integrate, time to settle, listen, understand, get more information. Time to let the hope creep back into our heart and reassure our soul.

We all have times, often long times, when hope gets lost. Finding her again usually requires help. Someone to listen, to offer suggestions or ideas, to put new words to the painful ones that get stuck in our throat. Someone who understands when we lose hope we find fear. We long for someone who can give us comfort and support until we are back in touch with hope all on our own.

I believe it is always safe to expect that hope is there for us if we will let ourselves see her and hear her. She hides when our fear voices get too loud, but I believe she is willing to assert herself and hold you tight during the dark terrifying night, if you will let her walk in the door.

Pleasure is a good thing. Fun is great. Both give us relief. Joy dances with hope. But often times, hope needs to be the led dancer. Allowing hope to step forward and take the led can take courage. It is a worthwhile risk. When hope hides in dark far away places, life loses much of its meaning and all of its value. Be kind to yourself. Be still and quiet and calm. Breathe. Rest. Allow some space for hope to live within you. It helps, I promise.


  • I am grateful my friend Deb is finding some hope
  • I am grateful I am getting my fear of financial disaster under control
  • I am grateful for blue skies and sun as Aimee and I take lovely long walks
  • I am grateful I was able to complete several needed to be done errands today
  • I am grateful for the trust and risks and commitment of my clients.

Blessings and love always, Nancy

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