October 26, 2016


“Don’t worry. Be happy.”

Meher Baba as quoted by Sylvia Boorstrein in It’s Easier Than You Think

“Some days I am convinced this is the ultimate four-word summary of cosmic wisdom. Until the day arrives that I can actually do that, I am content when I find I am able not to take my frets so seriously.”

Sylvia Boorstein in her book It’s Easier Than You Think


Worry, fret, anxiety, depression, fear, are all totally not helpful. Negative feelings bring us down, are discouraging, and keep us away from feel good days. Almost everything works out if we wait long enough. Helping matters along here and there can be useful and encourage life to move forward some. But getting into a total knickers- in- a-knot panic or frustration only makes us feel tight and fearful inside and accomplishes pretty much nothing on the outside.

My, oh my, do I ever know a lot about that. I may have invented worry. Actually I know I didn’t because I am pretty sure my mother did. She came from a childhood that gave her many reasons to be worried and then her young adulthood was during WWII and the Depression. Plenty there to worry about. My bottom line reality is I know how to seek out help and support and as my bother has taught me: whatever it is Nancy, this too shall pass. The good and the bad!  He certainly is right about that.

Learning to lighten up can be a challenge. Learning to laugh at ourselves or not take ourselves so darn seriously can be a gift. Sometimes when it feels like I have an awful lot to deal with and it is all stacking up very high and may collapse any minute, I ask myself: what would I be doing if I weren’t spending time on tumult? And the answer, if I am honest, is often not much and there is learning to be gained by staying here and facing the mess.

Talk with a trusted someone when you find yourself fretting and getting carried away with fears. It always, always, ALWAYS helps.


  • I am grateful for family and friends who help me see the other side of my angst
  • I am grateful for another beautiful autumn day
  • I am grateful for a challenging conference I will be attending the next 3 days
  • I am letting you know that I will probably not be doing Almost Daily Missal for several days and I hopefully will be learning more about how to deal with angst

Love always, Nancy

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