October 24, 2016


“One day it was suddenly revealed to me that everything is pure spirit.”


“There is no separation between body and soul, spirit and matter. One essence, one unity, runs through all of life. This essence, the God -force, is completely pure, completely perfect.”

Julia Cameron in Heart Steps


Can you feel it? Can you hear it, know it, sense it? The oneness with everything? The all that is, the purity and wholeness of body, mind and spirit?  Powerful. Profound. Deep down inside our core, our very gut, there is a knowing that I/we/everyone is pure flowing perfect blissful god power. I am you and you are me. We are all one.

Barely can I grasp that in it’s totality. That makes me one with my enemies as well. That jars me. That bemuses me. Yes, strikes me dumb. How can it be true that the same god-power runs through my enemies…and yet……and yet……

I could feel it, the oneness, yesterday when 3 times I past by a woman sitting on the street asking for money to buy herself some food. We talked briefly, laughed, our eyes met and she knew me and I knew her. We could have traded places…..but for…..I don’t even know. Why was she needing money to survive and I am anxious about money to build a new condo…….

We all have a place in this world. We all have a job to do and a role to play and things to learn and much to teach. The woman on the cold cement sitting beside the parking meter had something to teach me: good nature? She wasn’t hostile or disoriented. She was patient and very perceptive. Why didn’t I give her anything? Giving to her is like giving to the god-power in all of us, the god-power in me and the pure bliss and divine energy that flows through me and flows equally through her.

If I am perfect, if I am one with all and filled with pure beauty joy and bliss, so is she.


  • I am grateful I am thinking about the woman on the street asking for money for food yesterday
  • I am grateful we shared at laugh at my foolishly losing tract of my car and my poor exhausted puppy trying to keep up with me
  • I am regretful I did not give her anything but kindness.
  • I am grateful I at least gave her that.
  • I am hopeful I will see her again and will use that as an opportunity for both of us if it should happen

Love to all, Nancy

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