October 2, 2016


“I believe the lasting revolution comes from deep changes in ourselves which influence our collective life.”

Anais Nin


I believe many of those deep changes happen during a life threatening illness. I think when my heart nearly let me pass through the veil over a 5 year period of time, over and over again on the brink of no longer pumping life giving blood throughout my system; when Clo was battling brilliantly to stay alive throughout 2 years of cancer that took arrogant residence in her entire body; when my sister-in-law valiantly created a lovely cottage home for my brother while quietly slipping away from her hold on life; I believe all of that time we were using our collective energy and wisdom and creativity and divinity to contribute to a life changing revolution meant to have meaning for all on earth.

In the midst of deep travail, in the midst of agonizing pain, in the midst of soul stopping fear, I believe we push through the miseries of life for the unconscious purpose of attempting to heal our world. As we attempt to heal ourselves, our collective energy contributes to changing the world.

Hundreds of years ago scapegoats were used to eat the sins of the people and then their throats were slit as a sacrifice to an angry non forgiving God. The canary in the coal mine was used to test the foul air that the miners were forced to breath as they worked so hard just to make enough money to feed their hungry families. Those courageous souls and bodies who carry the pain and dis-ease of our world today deserve to be held in high regard and profound honour. 

Our hospitals are full of people whose bodies and souls can no longer tolerate life as it has become today. My prayers of gratitude drift throughout the ether in the hope that their burden can be lifted and peace and harmony can once again enter the life of the ill and suffering and those who feel lost and alone.


  • I am grateful for so very many things.
  • Right now I am aware of a friend who is very frightened and for whom cancer has become a huge burden and I do not believe my gratitudes will help her at all.
  • I am grateful Deb is in my life and I pray she will find peace and can know the hope of blessed health in the months and years ahead
  • Blessings, Nancy

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