October 19, 2016


“Wealth consciousness is so much more than simply having the ability to make money. It’s a mind-set that involves seeing life, not as a struggle, but as a magical adventure where our needs are met with grace and ease. It includes the ability to see beauty wherever you go, to have gratitude as your primary emotion and an open heart to all you meet.”

Richard Carlson author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


Seeing life as a magical adventure is a gift we all owe to ourselves. Often times I can do that…..sometimes I find it difficult, if not nearly impossible. I set myself up to believe there will be a struggle, and of course there is! Because I set it up. When I know something will be smooth and easy, it is. When I fear something will be difficult, it is!

That mind of ours…..it hijacks our self-confidence. Mind says danger, danger. Body tightens and numbs and control flips over on it’s back and gives up. When we/I stop struggling, stop worrying, stop doubting, whatever might be facing us comes together in harmony and life becomes more simple and doable. Richard Carlson uses the words grace and ease. I like that.

Everything we need is available. Fear of lack is unnecessary. It is safe to trust that there is benevolence in our world and we do have the resources to take care of what we need in life. Feeling grateful for what we do have, and choosing to not notice what we don’t have definitely has benefits.

We can surround ourselves with an abundance of colour in theses glorious autumn days, we can welcome into our lives the many who care about us and are loving and supportive, we can listen to full rich brilliant music, we can gaze into the eyes of a beloved, we can luxuriate in food rich in fall root vegetables……our life is not lacking. The more we see, the more we have. The more we have, the more we know for sure there is always enough.


  • I am grateful for the lovely healthy rice and vegetable dish I made yesterday that will feed me for another day or two
  • I am grateful for the balmy colourful walk Aimee and I took this morning
  • I am grateful for each step I take toward making my unfolding life safe and secure and balanced
  • I am grateful for the meditation group I intend to go to this evening

Blessings, Nancy

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