October 17, 2016


“We must never pretend appreciation, but if we feel it, then we must express it. The expression of gratitude is a powerful force that generates even more of what we have already.”

Deepak Chopra in Creating Affluence


Appreciations and feeling gratitude are powerful ways to connect to those we love as well as connecting to the divine. These gratitudes we have been doing for a few years now matter. The more we take note of what we like, the more we focus on positive and good, the more what we like and what is positive and good will come into our life.

If I grumble and grouch I will get grit back in my eyes. If I see beauty and joy and speak about that, beauty and joy will be returned to me. I create my reality. I tell myself I am scared. I feel scared. I tell myself life is good, I am love, all is well, and it becomes true. Our thoughts are powerful.

I can’t change the weather or an illness or war or poverty into wealth overnight. But I can have an influence. I can find the beauty/peace/hope/learning in what is going on: dreary windy wet days give me an opportunity to make soup and take a nap; being ill stops me and forces me to take a clear look at my life and acknowledge what I need to do in a new way; war I do not know how to explain, I’m sorry. With time and intention debts can be paid and a savings created.

It is useful to focus energy and attention on what is good and to let what we don’t want rest quietly until we have the time and information and tolerance to tackle the unwanted and put it in it’s place……out of our life.


  • I am grateful for a dear friend with whom I spent precious time today
  • I am grateful for clients who trust me and turn to me for witnessing, suggestions, ideas, and wisdom.
  • I am grateful for dear Aimee who continues to love me unconditionally
  • I am grateful for the excellent soup I made yesterday and still have more for tomorrow
  • I am grateful to all the helpers I have on my journey of travel and moving and house selling and house building

Love always, Nancy

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