October 15, 2016


“If you feel sad, or afraid, or feel tension in your body, just for a moment stop trying: to let go, forget about, raising your vibration. Instead, simply be with the discomfort. Get curious about it. Breathe into it. Give it space, room, some time. Forget about understanding, releasing, or fixing it today and just allow it to be here for as long as needs to be here. Let it stay if it wants to stay. Let it go if it wants to go. Let it come back if it wants to come back. Treat it like a welcome guest in the vast Rest Home of your being, a beloved child that truly belongs.”

Jeff Foster in his book The Way of Rest


Oh so very good! What a relief! Total permission to stop fighting, stop struggling and worrying and expecting yourself to “do it right”. Just don’t fight it. Just be with whatever it is that is going on. Your discomfort/fear/tension/sadness/hurt/anger, all of it, whatever it might be, it is all inside you for a reason and deserves for you to pay attention.

I like Foster’s word curious. And I like his concept of “treating it as though it were a welcome guest.” How often are we given permission to simply feel what we feel, not try to understand what we are feeling, not put words to it or try to make it go away or whatever…..but simply accept those feelings are there for a reason and accept that welcoming them could be a healing solution.

The image of a beloved child that truly belongs, is precious. Imagine yourself holding your pain. Soothing and comforting your fear, your illness, your out of control self. Welcome like a dear child those feelings you have that you might one time have fought and called bad and sent to the bottom of your list of things about you to be paying attention to. Hold your feeling self tenderly and mummer there there dear one. You want me to notice you and I do. I am seeing you and you matter and I will listen to you with my heart.

Refuse to struggle and nestle into resting, listening, waiting, accepting.


  • I am grateful for Jeff Foster’s wise words of acceptance.
  • I am happy for the extra long walk Aimee and I took this morning
  • I am grateful for the glorious help Joyce and Rick gave me this morning
  • I am grateful for the excellent suggestions/ideas Rick has for some things to do to make my house totally sale ready.
  • I am grateful for my energy, my aliveness, my delight in myself and my life

Hugs, love, best wishes always, Nancy

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