October 10, 2016


“There is a time to let things happen and a time to make things happen,”

Hugh Prather in Notes on Love and Courage


My style is often times to just see what happens. Wait and see. Don’t rush. Don’t push. Don’t try too hard. Don’t dither or get in the way. As my dear friend Dawn would say, let’s play it by ear.

However, not all things of importance get done by waiting. Sometimes we have to take the bull by the  horns, if you will. I feel that way about buying my house in Michigan. I wait to see what will happen next. Then I have to take charge and be a grown up and speak up for myself. That’s what I do tomorrow. I have an appointment and I must be clear headed and in my inner strength. Because it is about money and I inherited my mother’s anxiety about not having enough……

The reality is there is enough in this world for all of us. There is enough love, enough support and help, enough beauty, enough air, enough food and shelter. When we surround each other, and when we feel those who are surrounding us, we know there is enough between us. Our love will provide the way. I find it difficult to cling to that belief when I listen to the news on the radio. Millions are without home, food, medical resources, safety and possibly love.

Waiting for peace in the world is going to take a long time. All I can do beyond wait is actively love and support those around me, and accept the love and support offered me. That is what I want to offer you for today’s thought to chew on, muddle over, and make stew out of: the little bit we can take action on is in our own household or back yard or community. Bring love into the world we move in daily and it will spread. Bring hope and harmony and that too will spread. Bring music, beauty, arms that can hug, and heart that is open and welcoming, and a part of the world will continue to bloom and begin to shimmer.


  • I am grateful for the sun today
  • I am grateful for the lingering fall flowers and beginning change in leaves
  • I am grateful for friends who shared their Canadian Thanksgiving with me last night
  • I am grateful for my loving family
  • I am grateful I have the resources to make the life changes I am taking action to make happen.

Blessings, Nancy

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