Continued Part 2 There Is Love

So very sorry.  Got published before completed!

Hanks was telling Bradshaw that she never wanted to be an adult and Bradshaw was assuring Hanks that being an adult definitely has advantages.

Adults don’t know everything, sputtered Hanks. Adults are real dumb sometimes. Like now, even. Why is mom crying? Why is dad pacing. Why are the doctors…..

Hanks, Bradshaw said softly. There aren’t any doctors here. You got scared and you are seeing things that aren’t really here. It feels like a lot of fuss and bother and trouble. But really, mom is sad and dad is worried. That’s all. Grown ups get to be sad or worried sometimes too. Just like kids. Life is tough sometimes. And it takes everyone a while to settle down and begin to sort things out.

Hanks gave a big sigh. She wiped her eyes on the table cloth again and then rubbed her face with the fine linen cloth. Then she gave Bradshaw a big hug. What are you really telling me, Bradshaw, she asked.

I’m telling you that you are loved. You are precious. And you are safe. It doesn’t feel one bit safe right now. It feel like total out of control. Total disaster. And total I don’t know what to do next. But none of that is really true. You are being watched and looked after and loved.

The world is bigger than you realize, Hanks, Bradshaw’s voice was gentle and filled with love. You are always being looked after. You are always noticed and loved and your best interests are always noted. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like that and you don’t understand how that can be true. But I love you and I am telling you to trust that you are safe.

Bradshaw went on to say to Hanks, You can stay under the table in your hidy hole or you can creep out quietly or you can burst out and yell…..whatever you want to do. But the grown ups are learning new things too and they do love you and they are paying attention and you just might have to take a risk and trust them…….

It took a long time for Hanks to let all of that just settle inside her mind. What looked to be true might not really be true. Is that what Bradshaw was telling her? Grown ups made mistakes and forgot what they should remember and had to learn, just like she did.

Ohhhh, boy. Man oh man. Maybe she was as smart as an adult. Probably she remember things they have already forgotten. Like listening to Bradshaw and like believing in things that you can’t see or touch or smell or even hear. But you can feel those things and the feeling of them might be true.

Oh my. Such a lot to take in. Just sit and be with me Bradshaw, Hanks said quietly. Together we can fix whatever we need to fix. It will be okay. Because there is love.

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