September 9, 2016


“My dreams, my nighttime battles, tell me unequivocally that I want to be good. I am trying, God knows I am trying……”

Hugh Prather in Notes On Love and Courage


Aren’t we all? Trying? Aren’t we all just trying to do the best each day, each minute of each day, the best we know how to do! How many times in a day do I berate myself for saying something stupid, or doing something dumb, or wondering if I was hurtful, or worrying that I did it wrong… many times?

I don’t really know but way too many times have I been hard on myself when myself longed for me to be kind and caring and understanding. We long to be accepted and valued and respected by others. But you know, I think we tend to let ourselves down. I think we are very good, kind, caring, smart people and for some sad reason we have a really difficult time forgiving ourselves for not being perfect.

Get a grip! Perfect is not going to happen. Not to mention, perfection is way too likely to be boring. It is the splash on the wall or the zag in the picture, or the crack in the mirror, or the water stain on the antique that makes life interesting and gives us stories to tell. It is the mole on our chin or the scar on our arm that has a story and gives us a unique self. When we laugh inappropriately or hick-up rudely, it takes the attention away from dreary and drab and brings in possibilities.

Jump up and dance the next time you are bored. When the conversation turns, risk making a mistake and tell a joke. No need for embarrassment. Celebrate eccentric. Practice being kind to yourself. You deserve all the love and all the understanding and all the forgiving you can get.


  • I am grateful I rested after a very stressful morning
  • I am grateful I have advisers I trust as I work on a financial plan
  • I am grateful Clo created such a lovely home for us and for me and for my future.
  • I am grateful fall is almost here and have hope that the humidity will lessen

Love, Nancy

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