September 8, 2016


“Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you’re scared to death.”

Harold Wilson, Baron of Rievaube


It takes courage to be scared and do it anyway. Even if it is something you have no choice about…, an interview, sharing a work of art, giving birth, going on a first date, facing the death of a friend….on and on it goes. Day after day you and I face the almost impossible and we do it anyway. Life expects a lot out of all of us.

Take a minute to breathe……remember what you did yesterday, what you will do tomorrow……be with what today is expecting of you. Breathe….and rejoice! You did it. You will do it. You are doing it. Whatever “it” might be, hour after hour we expect ourselves to face tough stuff and then we actually do whatever that tough thing might have been. Be proud of yourself.

Remember that everyone around you has tough stuff to face as well. We are a world of incredibly brave people and we all deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated. Every time we complete an action that had our heart racing, or our palms sweaty, or our stomach clinching, or our fists made into tight balls, every time we do something difficult/hard we absolutely deserve to rejoice and give ourselves and each other credit.

Right now, think of someone who is facing a tough day tomorrow and tell them you are rooting for them and give them a big hug. When you give that hug, feel yourself receiving a hug back and smile with the pleasure of knowing how very much courage you do indeed have. We are all amazingly courageous people. Blessed be!


  • I am grateful for the courage I have every time I put my feet down on the floor and begin my day
  • I am grateful for accountants who help keep me honest and give me guidance and support my question asking
  • I am grateful for these lazy last days of summer.
  • I am grateful for a safe and lovely home for Aimee and me

Hugs and love always, Nancy

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