September 29, 2016


“Explore daily the will of God.”

Carl G. Jung


I’m not at all sure I know what the meaning of God is, much less the will of God. To take out the personification of God leaves me not understanding how there is will. Will means having a mind, being intentional, paying attention to every detail……If God is ALL That Is, if God is Source, Soul, energy….I don’t understand how there can be one mind. Thus a will.

OR! If God is Source, All That Is, Soul, energy and more, maybe that IS the one mind, the One thought, the One focus. THE ONE  Would that be the word I am looking for?

The “will of God”. If God is Love, the will of Love is to be gentle, caring, empathetic, sensitive, wise, open, allowing for differences, able to mediate, listen, accept. Try to do or be some of those things just mentioned above every day. That’s good. That works.

Let’s call God Love. Love is about allowing for differences. Every day I need to be conscious about generously and kindly allowing others to think and feel differently than I do and loving them even as we disagree. Makes sense to me. Does it make sense to you?

“Explore daily the will of God” Is it the will of God for Deb to have breast cancer? Was it the will of God for Clo to die of a brain tumour? I don’t think so. However, if I am superimposing Love on God, I do suspect wanting love from a source or sources she couldn’t get it, did have a lot to do with Clo dying of a brain tumour.  Soooo…..where is God/Love in all of that? Lack of love equates to…..what?

How is it bad things happen? Bad Things Happen to Good People. I have not read that book. Maybe it is time for me to do just that!

At this moment in my  life I am committed to exploring daily the will of love, the meaning of love, the ways I observe love or seek love or share my love. Today thus far I have deeply and profoundly and sensitively loved 3 clients and connected with 5 friends via email. I believe the will of God in my life is to heal, grow, stretch. Things for me to do, and things for me to help others do. Today the will of Love was alive and well in my life as I see it.

How about for you……


  • I am grateful I write and explore my thinking and share what I write and explore.
  • I am grateful for the many gifts I receive and am able to share
  • I am grateful for a rainy day to stay home and nest while working and writing
  • I am grateful Aimee loves Anastasia and she loves Aimee and they are so very good together.
  • I am grateful for my very good contented blessed life.

Hugs and love, Nancy

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