September 28, 2016


“Its obvious that many of the problems I have are the result of how things were when I was growing up. So here I am spending the rest of my life suffering for personality traits I never asked for. Where is the justice in that? There isn’t any. But I was never promised justice.”

Hugh Prather in Notes On Love and Courage.


When is it time to get over the growing up wounding? When is it time to close the door on the past and stride pridefully and confidently into a new future of our own creating?


Tomorrow is too far off. Yesterday is all done. This very minute it is time to practice something new and different and healing. Something that helps you feel proud of yourself and gives you the confidence that life is doable and you are doing exactly the right thing for your own journey. Your commitment to yourself when you came into this world was to grow, learn, teach, become more of who you already are. NOW is the time to intentionally take action toward that promise you made long ago.

I believe we pick our path so as to learn our lessons. Each his/her own particular lessons for this journey toward fullest wholeness and recognition of the spirit and the divine deep within us. The path we chose is often times very painful and practically not doable and very scary. NOW is the time to step into the courage we all have deep at our core and shout at the world: Here I come! Here I am! Deal with me! I am scared and NOW I intend to accept help and guidance so I can grow and thrive.

I never was promised justice. But I believe I have always been promised Love. I am loved, as are you. We must remind ourselves to shudder into the cocoon of love where we are safe and are held always.


  • I am grateful for a renewed inner courage and sense of hope that all is well in this world
  • I am grateful for nature and beauty and the reminders which are many, that there is hope and love in this world.
  • I am grateful for the wisdom of my dreams, hopes, and memories.
  • I am grateful for the desire to write and that my words have meaning to so many people

Blessed be, Nancy

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