September 13, 2016


“Go be whomever you want to be….Do whatever you want to do. Pursue whatever fascinates you and brings you to life. Create whatever you want to create—and let it be stupendously imperfect because it’s exceedingly likely that nobody will ever notice. And that is awesome.”

Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic  Creative Living Beyond Fear


The desire to be creative in some way is in all of us. The inclination to judge our creative results tends to be in many of us. My partner Clo, was an excellent gardener, gourmet cook, weaver, cabinet maker, on and on. And still, she feared she could not do it well. She judged herself and came out lacking. How very sad. Others appreciated her accomplishments very much. But like so many of us, she always had higher standards for herself. So much so that she stopped herself from the pleasure of creating.

Do you do that to yourself? Not a good idea. I love to write. I know I am not a literary genius. But no matter, I love to write.

Do what you love. It will give you joy. It fills your heart. It gives meaning to the day in day out. It doesn’t even have to be good in the eyes of someone else. It only needs to give you pleasure in the doing. Finding fascination is delicious. You can lose yourself, transcend misery, set aside pain and fear, by simply focusing on your garden or your quilt making, baking cookies or making a collage, taking pictures, finger painting, dancing, singing, whatever. Love yourself, delight in your creative self and laugh a lot. Life is good.


  • I am grateful for my every other week peer supervision group of the 2 of us. We know each other well and work in harmony. Blessed be!
  • I am grateful I feel ready for the trip to Michigan
  • I am grateful I learned a few minutes ago that a dear friend in Michigan who has not been feeling well is doing just fine these days.
  • I am grateful I am able to write

Love always, Nancy

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