September 12, 2016


“I present myself to you in a form suitable to the relationship I wish to achieve with you.”

Luigi Pirandello


I don’t know who he is, but he does give pause for thought….yes! If I am difficult, we are very likely to have a difficult relationship. If I put my best foot forward, think of kindness and respect, consider who you are and what I want between us, you are likely to respond somewhat, at least, in kind.

On dear, do please think seriously about this in your relationship with anyone and everyone. Who you are, how you present yourself, your tone of voice, your attitude, on and on….YOU have so much responsibility for whatever it is that happens in your relationships. You be kind, you are likely to receive kindness, you trust, trust might well be given back; if you are generous, thoughtful, open, listening, it is far more likely you will be able to communicate and problem solve or even end up making love, than if you are not those things I just mentioned.

I backed into the car behind me at a signal light yesterday. Man was I startled, and embarrassed, and scared. I stayed silent, apologized, asked what he wanted to do. He was kind, respectful, helped me find my title to my car and we shook hands. I learned I need to find my proof of insurance and that means see my insurance man today, as I have done. I also learned that I am stressed and need to not be driving for a bit. Learning, growing, stretching. Life is a blessing and a ban. Yesterday’s experience was both.

Most times when I take responsibility and treat others with respect I get that in return. Remember how much power you have in your relationship. How you feel, act, respond, behave, treat your partner goes a long way toward how you will be treated in return. You want love, lead with giving love, you want attention, lead with offering to attend to. Look at yourself when things go awry. You might very well be the key to making a big change in what is going on between the two of you.


  • I am grateful for yet another gorgeous day
  • I am grateful for time to reflect and take it easy
  • I am grateful for the love I receive and the opportunity to love
  • I am grateful for dear Aimee who snuggles cozily against me as we sleep

Blessings and take it easy. Life is short, precious, and delicate, Nancy

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