September 10, 2016


“…..just a tender sense of my own inner process, that holds something of my connection to the divine.”

Percy Bysshe Shelly


Deep inside me is a precious quiet velvety smokey blue space where I am safe, held, loved, and carry hope. It is a place where my mind wanders and sorts, separates, is curious and attempts to understand. It is a place where the divine offers me solace and promises me love.

I forget about this place of mystery sometimes. But when I remember, I welcome the peace that surrounds me and the comfort my inside self can feel. As I age I find I more and more find comfort in quiet stillness, near sleep, maybe sleep, but a place of peace that is only mine and that I long for more and more.

There is so much pain in the outside world. People hurt each other. Mean things are said and rupture happens again and again. Heart ache. Brain frazzle, mind numbing. Pain. All any of us want is to be loved. And to be able to give love. And that is what all of us are the most afraid of: being vulnerable in loving, being cut off from feeling safe, belonging, held. It really is so very easy to simple hold out your arms and comfort… is the hardest thing in the world to do when you are in pain. If I let myself show how deeply I need to love you and be loved by you, you will most probably hurt me. It has happened again and again. Why would it not happen now, with you, here, even as we speak…..

My own heart is not hurting for me. But I am aching for pain that those I know are feeling and I want to make it go away for them. All I really can do is trust them and trust the divine in all of us that those I love can find their way through their terrible misery. If only we could remember to call upon the divine deep within each of us before the damage is done, before the heart-break or the soul crushing blows of words meant to cut deeply and wound eternally.

Set aside your own pain for a few moments and give generously to your beloved. Just BE. Just breath, hold each other, remember long ago promises and hold yourself accountable.


  • I am grateful for those I love and those who love me
  • I am grateful I have known love
  • I am grateful for life, for being able to feel and trust the divine in myself and in others
  • I am grateful for rain that nourishes my thirsty flowers
  • I am grateful for clients who trust their lives with me and let me witness their sacred journey

Love you forever, Nancy

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