What Does Loving Mean?

I love you.

What does that mean?

It means I hold you in high regard. I respect you. You are special and precious and dear to me. My heart wants the best always for you and I want you to feel safe and secure and totally full of life. I want joy for you. I will hold you close, whisper to you tenderly, think of you often, remember you always.

It means: I love you. My heart is open. I can see you and I treasure what I see. I wish you to be safe and happy  and I will always support and encourage you in all the many ways I know how. My mind will be thoughtful and intentional and I will use my brain wisely to show you how much I love you.

It means: I love. And you are who I love. I love many. And you are one of the many. It means you matter, I care, I feel joyful when you are around. I hold close to my heart what I feel when you pay attention to me. I am grateful that I am in your life, that you want me, that I am your friend, your companion, your student and your teacher.

Love it difficult to language clearly. Glorious, lovely words don’t seem to work. Intellectual words don’t come to mind. Common every day words are how I know to express my love. One of the best ways I know I love is when I gently softly quietly remember and image and dream about you. I love my children, my friends, precious Aimee, many I don’t know well but are deeply felt in my heart. My circle of love includes several who are tightly bound to me, hold me up in times of travail, then it stretches out, ripples out really, onto others I know and who come and go and mostly stay.

Who do you love? Who loves you? Be generous. Love many. Let many love you. Loving will save the world. Loving will help us all feel safe, sated, divine.

Write to me about who and what and how you love. Love helps me like myself. Love helps me give and receive. Love softens the hard edges of life. Love gives meaning and hope and balance. There is no reason to live if I do not have love to give and the gift of receiving.

Meditate, concentrate, pray, dream, envision, remember, hold close to your soul the dark velvety space of loving. You will feel stronger, healthier, happier, safer, more grounded, ready to face those hard edges that are inevitable. Hard edges give us character. Love gives us healing and hope, balance and the promise of thriving.

My mother said that she knows there is a heaven, because life is hell. How very sad. How very too bad to not now know the love we hope is waiting for us. The wait for my mother was long and arduous, filled with shame and anxiety. I wish I could have eased her burden. I didn’t then know how to tell her that she is loved NOW. Love was scarce for her as a child. But it is abundant NOW.

How do I know I love? I know it both in my heart and in my head. My brain tells me when I love. When my brain, or mind, says keep this person safe, this person is precious, sacred even, this person matters more than my own life, then I know I love. I might or might not throw myself in front of an oncoming train for them; but for sure I do not want a train to be oncoming toward them. The train, of course, a symbol for whatever horrible thing might be threatening my loved one.

I love you.

What does that mean?

You try to tell me…..

Blessings, Nancy

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