September 27, 2016


“Through the practice of mindfulness and the power of our heart, we can begin to transcend our layers of unhealthy attitudes, view our situations with greater objectivity and acceptance, and open to the loving presence that we really are.”

Tara Brach, Mindfulness teacher and author


Quietly. Take time to go deep inside. Breathe. On your exhale think let go. Feel the stillness. Breathe in……….. exhale, release: busyness, noise, images. Allow your mind, your heart, your soul to find peace.


Gently feel you opening to the loving presence that YOU are and that surrounds you and that holds you. Allow your soul to be held. You are safe. You are loved. Open to all that wants to heal you. Breathe in life. Peace. Harmony. Feel balance throughout your heart, body, spirit, your deepest self.

You are loved.

You are love.

You are All that is. All that ever has been. All that will ever be. You are the One.


  • I am grateful my friend Deb has shared with me her dis-ease and I pray she will find peace and healing.
  • I am grateful I can be available to support her
  • I am grateful for all the support Clo and I received on our journey
  • I am grateful for mindfulness, meditation, love, hope
  • I am grateful……

Love, Nancy

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