Time for My Mouth to Say Something Different

The message I have been giving myself is that I am tired. I am telling myself I am stressed, thus I am tired. It is totally time for me to change my message on my inner voice mail and let my mouth say something quite different.

It is time for my mouth to say: I am excited! Life is changing. I am ready for change. And this is a very important and exiting part of my life journey.

I like saying that and I like hearing that coming from my inside self. I slip unconsciously into fear mode and think my heart is working too hard, when that isn’t true at all. My heart is working wonderfully well. My mind is working too hard. My mind is telling my whole body that moving to Michigan should be scary and exhausting. My heart is saying, hold on there, this is exciting. This is new and can be fun and you are incredibly ready, so why not!!!?! There is no good reason not to make this move and many good reasons to be doing this.

Language is important. The words we choose matter. My son let me read a draft of a novel he was writing. I said it was an easy read. His then girl friend thought I was minimizing him, saying it was simple and not challenging enough. I meant it read smoothly, easily, it was a comfortable book to be reading. I once told Clo, when we were having a difficult time, that I wasn’t living like this any more. She said are you leaving…..I said I didn’t say that. What I said was something has to change, I am not going on the way we are right now. I want different.

I had an aunt as a child who called active little boys who were having a good time, you little A-rab you! To her it was fond feelings for an active little boy. To us today it would be wrong; to say nothing of awful, hurtful, and verboten. When I talk frequently about being tired, I am tired. When I talk more often about having fun, loving the beautiful weather, looking forward to time with friends, inviting someone over for a beer in the back yard to listen to the fountain singing and see the birds splashing, I feel energized and filled with hope and joy.

Pick your words carefully. Pay attention to your body language, your attitude, your timing, your volume. Be mindful. It does matter and it does make a difference. I wonder if Donald Trump slowed down, lowered his voice, changed his demeaning language, and took a deep breath so he could speak intelligently from his heart and get his head out of his bum, if he would have something under all that bluster worth listening to?

Language does matter. If we want to be heard we need to say it in a way that can be received, even welcomed. If we listen to ourselves, our feelings will follow our thoughts and words. Best we use words that we want our feelings to reflect.

Stay cool. It is a wondrous summer. Iced coffee with milk is a delicious summer treat. Nancy

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