Sometimes I Forget That Always, There is Hope

Oh blessed be! Oh, angels, heavenly spirits, ancestors, elves and druids! All givers of hope and joy and delight….

My energy has returned. Dear land above I thought I was lost at 90 + years old, never to be found again with any spirit or hope or delight in my bones and heart and the world around me.

I do attribute much of my renewed and refreshed self to the lifting of the humidity and the stuck in the muck pollution with the humidity; and I also think there may be some pieces of: I have finally had as many in a row good night’s sleep as it takes for me to recover when I am over the top exhausted. As well, my talk with my friend yesterday contributed it’s share of relief and business well done and able to move forward.

So! Either my brother or my father taught me: this too shall end, Nancy. The good and the bad. Everything will end eventually.

That gives me relief when I am exhausted and wonder if life is done for me and I am a half step from the edge……it saddens me when I am feeling relieved and relaxed and happy and ready to go on with a great life, because this too shall end. However, I will take what I have while I have it. Blessed me and thank you universe.

I guess my message of today is if you wait long enough you will find a hole big enough, Nancy. That was my mother-in-law’s message when I was learning to drive and I wondered if I would ever learn to comfortably make left hand turns into traffic. I still shudder when I have to do an unfamiliar left hand turn. But I do hear Mildred’s message and take hope. Similarly, if I wait and rest and give myself the time myself needs, energy will return. And I trust the same is true for you. Listen to yourself. Pay attention to your precious body. There is always a message there for you and I do not believe there are any lies. Your body tells the truth. If it is  in distress, you are in distress and you must honour that, pay attention, and find a healthy and caring way to address whatever might be going on.

Hugs and love always. In celebration of change, no or little humidity, listening to your inner self, friendship, and hope that hangs on to your very nerve ends, tendons, bones, muscles, veins and skin.


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