Is it Possible to Learn to Dance into the Darkness?

I am melancholy and introspective. I continue to ponder the meaning of the way we die. Birth is traumatic. But often times it is also celebratory. Death is rebirth, but so often has pain and sadness and always loss surrounding it. Can we learn to dance with death……

I have NO idea if I am capable of dancing with death. I have thought about my own dying since I was a young child…..every day. Imagining how many years… many months… many minutes……I am certain there is nothing to be afraid of in being dead. But I fear the matter in which we move from life to death.

I have a friend who with her family, sang their mother through her dying. It was deeply moving, beautiful, and civilized. My dear cousin Gail talked her mother through a visualization about taking a journey on a boat and sailing to loving, waiting ancestors. Always to be remembered and cherished. If we tried, if we all got together and were committed to doing it, we could create something similar for every one of us.

It is as it should be: celebrate a good life, and dance together with love and hope into what is next. We don’t know what is next. It is a mystery long explored and sometimes understood by some few. But largely that mystery, the unknown, is the boulder we carry in our soul that makes us afraid and unable to relax into welcoming arms that wait for us. If we could carry the boulder for each other, I carry yours, you help me with mine, it would be so much more tolerable. When life here is enough, dancing into darkness with love and hope makes sense.

I’m still melancholy and introspective. But I am glad I shared. Keep in touch. We need each other.

Blessings, Nancy

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