August 5, 2016


“I practice saying no to keep my life simple and I find I never do it enough. It’s an arduous discipline all its own, and well worth the effort. Yet is is also tricky. There are needs and opportunities to which one must respond. A commitment to simplicity in the midst of the world is a delicate balancing act. It is always in need of retuning, further inquiry, attention. But I find the notion of voluntary simplicity keeps me mindful of what is important……”

Thoreau in Waldon


Thoreau says it all…..keep it simple sweetie! Clutter head is not helpful and can be dangerous. I sometimes have to consciously pull myself back to myself and say intentionally slow down Nancy. Simple, slow, still, easy. Too much is too much. Breathe. Slow your mind down. Feel the stillness for just 5 seconds. It helps.

Mindful means being aware of your inside self. The outside world can carry us away from our inside self and that is when we get into trouble. Stand quietly for just a second or two, look into the eyes of someone near by who is kindly. Breathe. Life can be good when we focus mindfully on the moment, on finding peace within, and on remembering the wonder of being alive.


  • I celebrate the wonder of being alive
  • I am grateful for a lovely day today
  • I am grateful Rick and Joyce come tomorrow to get my home and yard as focused as I intentionally try to keep my mind.
  • I am grateful for dear friends who care for Aimee
  • I am grateful an airplane will take me today to Michigan to celebrate a wedding and a 30th anniversary with very dear Michigan friends.

Hugs always, will write again on Tues. Nancy

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