August 30, 2016


“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”

Jonathan Winters


I love it! Yes!! Take responsibility. Take action. Take charge of your life and the outcome of your life. Oh my, so difficult to say, really because life takes charge of us in many cruel and unexpected and definitely uninvited ways. So many hurtful and difficult boulders get put in our way. So many unmanageable challenges. And unfair expectation.

I think of the long ago joke, if you will: with so much shit here, there must be a pony somewhere. I do not in any way mean to make light of the incredible struggles we are asked to face. Again and again. But I do mean to encourage every one of us to as my mother would say, take the bull by the horns, or she might say, pull up your boot straps, and take action. Even not useful action. Don’t allow yourself to become paralyzed with fear and watch that ship go by without you on it.

Sometimes the burden is too big. That is when we need help and we ask for a raft to get to the ship because swimming is impossible. Please, ask somebody for something for YOU today. We all give and give. We all try and try. I often think: You are such a good little trooper, Ross. Sometimes it is important to set down the good little trooper self and be a I need help little trooper. That is just fine.

And sometime it is time to take the plunge into the awful roiling waters and swim like crazy and make it to the ship. Because that ship very possibly holds hope, harmony, love, and maybe even some music to dance to. Possibly even a partner to dance with you, if only for a few moments.


  • I am grateful I am leaving today for Maine to visit my daughter and her family
  • I am grateful, very grateful, they want me to come visit
  • I am grateful my precious Aimee is in good hands and I have no worries
  • I am grateful I have the resources to not work for a week, and to in fact spend some money
  • I am grateful for my life.
  • I am grateful for my plans to begin to unfold re: moving closer to family

I won’t be writing for a week. While I am in Maine I am going to focus on life in that beautiful country side. Hugs and love always, Nancy

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