August 2, 2016


“If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life.”



How true this is! When I am full of mind clutter, I can not concentrate, I can not remember, I can not hear. I can not truly function. When my mind is full of chatter and fog and overtakes my sensible self I lose track of what really matters.

The things that really matter to me have to do with joy, happiness, beauty, tenderness, feeling the wonder and seeing the divine in life. When my mind is full of anxiety about what someone will think of me, or what is expected of me that I might not be able to accomplish, or if the world is in such a mess that there soon might not be a world as I have known it, I miss out on the lovely new bird that flew into my fountain for a bath and a drink, or the incredible butterfly that landed on my rose-bush.

Life has seasons. I am in the season of age, experience, wisdom, nearing completion, being exquisitely aware of beginnings and endings. It is without question, the best season of my life. I walk gently through my time seeing and feeling and hearing mystery all around me.

Mindfully, thoughtfully notice YOU each moment. Always remember how precious each moment of your life is and celebrate being alive.


  • I am grateful for the mediation and mindfulness classes I have taken
  • I am grateful I am fully alive, healthy, and happy
  • I am grateful for all the incredible people who care deeply about me
  • I am grateful for decisions and choices I have made throughout my lifetime that are suiting me well today.

Hugs and love always, Nancy

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