August 15, 2016


“We are here to help each other, to make each other happy.”

Saying of the Polar Eskimo


Those words sound lovely and sweet in my heart and on my furrowed brow. So simple, so easy, so very, very powerful. My purpose is to help. My legacy is to receive. I feel happy when I give. I feel safe and understood when I receive. Life feels easy when I let my soul believe those not difficult to understand words. And when I let myself believe that those words are true. I believe it is true that I have the right to allow and to request that others say and do things that help me feel happy.

I am not/you are not, in this life alone. We have each other. You have your beloved, your chosen family, those out in the world who have agreed to be there when needed: health professionals, neighbours, teachers, writers who touch you deep inside, mentors, friends…..on and on. An ever-expanding group when you set aside your fear of being alone and remember the myriad of ways in which you really are not alone.

Make someone happy today. Offer to help, love, support, give a smile or a hug, write a letter, make a phone call, meditate, remember. Remember how it feels when someone reaches out to you and today you do the reaching. Even if you really prefer not to do that and feel you too often are the one who reaches out. Do it again.

That is what you are here for. Notice when someone is offering support to you. Take off your blinders. Take of those blinders that you use to protect yourself from your fear of not being wanted or not being seen or understood. Open your eyes, ears and open your heart wide and welcoming. We are here to support each other and help each other be happy.

Happy is a good thing.


  • I am grateful for a simple phone call I received this morning that makes it clear someone is thinking about me
  • I am grateful for a financial advisor who will advise me this morning
  • I am grateful for the cool summer morning
  • I am grateful Aimee is not pushing me to do something for her when I feel I must be doing something for myself which also means us, of course.
  • I am grateful to be writing to you this morning and send love to all

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