August 14, 2016


“Even if you are a small forest surviving off of the moon alone, your light is extraordinary.”

Nayyfrah Waheed


Beautiful lovely picture: a tiny forest in the dark of night with a sliver of moon to give it light, to feed it and nurture it and keep the forest healthy so it can offer solace when needed. Precious. Magical. That is you…..that is me. We both matter, no matter how small, how insignificant, how invisible or unimportant we might feel/you might feel, it matters. We can make a difference in the world and our life can change others and we have gifts to share.

I know there are times in our lives, time for all of us, when our miniscule self just doesn’t really seem to matter very much. Times when we don’t seem to be making an impact or have important or valuable or useful things to say or to offer. And probably there are moments that is true. But most of the time we all can offer just the simple gift of being there. Being there to listen, to notice, to suggest, to hum, to mumble, to roar, to take someone’s hand and run, or to quietly breath and hold the space.

Never under-estimate the power of your presence. You are loved by those who are seen and you are loved and supported and encouraged and important to those who are unseen. A tiny flicker from your heart is seen by the divine and is felt by the powerless.


  • I am grateful for strength and courage to face each day knowing whatever it brings, I am loved and can be loving
  • I am grateful there are many in my life who care enough for me that I will always thrive.
  • I am grateful this day has been cool and is feeling like a real August Sunday
  • I am grateful as I face the week ahead I know I have the energy and wisdom to do whatever I am asked to do.
  • Love always, Nancy

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