August 12, 2016


“The past is a bucket of ashes.”

Carl Sandburg


Well, my, my. I suppose one could say that. And some of the past might well just be ashes that we must walk away from and leave and not bring with us into our now and our future. But please, not all of the past is ashes. There have been memories of joy to remember. Memories of love and service and hope to hold close to self/heart/soul.

I think Sandburg was being a pessimist and I prefer some hope and optimistic joy. There is much of my past that I rejoice in, that I hold dear, that I bring with me in pride.

It is always the story we choose to tell ourselves. If I decide to stay stuck with the hard parts of life I pull myself down into a well of darkness and despair. If I pick carefully the moments of hope, promise, laughter, connection and intimacy, I can hold my head high and walk into my world feeling good and free and solid.

Take some time to talk with your partner about things in your past that you remember with pleasure. Laugh at your younger self and find the pride in what you were offered or how you navigated through the life you were given. Enjoy with each other the moments that you hold dear and precious and let yourself remember that indeed, there were those dear moments never to be forgotten or given up and they make you who you are today.


  • I am grateful for two loving parents who always did the best they knew to do given what life was doing to them at the moment.
  • I am grateful for precious memories with my children and grandchildren
  • I am grateful to be an aging elder and to carry my wisdom with pleasure
  • I am grateful again for air conditioning.
  • I am also grateful for a friend who took precious Aimee to the beach today for a lovely cool swim. She is resting peacefully at the moment.

Hugs always, Nancy

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