August 10, 2016


“Many people pray and receive the answer to their prayers, but ignore them…..or deny them, because the answers don’t come in the expected forms.”

Sophy Burnham


I may have used this quote before. I think it is so true. We fog our brains, we have an outcome that looks just so, and we are very in danger of becoming blind to any other options.

I saw Aimee sit in front of the for sale sign of a tiny little cottage on Long Lake in Portage and thought the universe was telling me to buy that cottage. I truly tried to make it work. But it truly did not work!

Aimee did not make a mistake. I read the message wrong because I had a picture in my mind and I though this cottage and this location was what I wanted. As it turns out, what I believe Aimee was telling me was that it is time for me to sell. And it is time for me to look. And looking in Portage, on a lake is a great place to start. So I have started!! The universe is listening and I am open to further suggestions. A journey has begun, a journey of change, growth, expansion, adventure, creativity.

Use the messages you get wisely and be open to greater interpretation than you might first think. Breathe. Relax. Be mindful of what intuitively is right for you. Oh my, we SO know what is right. But as I say, we tend to fog our brain and not look deep enough or far enough. Life is a journey. Every step toward change is part of that journey. It is never short. It is always a surprise. Surprises keep us alive and can be very magical if we let them be.


  • I am very grateful for the help and support I received from many dear people in deciding not to buy the cottage I looked at a few days ago.
  • I am grateful for the knowledge and information I am receiving about buying and selling houses.
  • I am grateful for all the incredible work Clo did on our home
  • I am grateful, and surprised, to learn that I want a home on a lake
  • I am grateful for my wonderful life in Canada

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