August 31, 2016


“Take time to cherish the moments of gentle quiet intimacy when your loved one is asleep……These are tender moments that you will ( always cherish). ”

Taken from the small gem Easing the Hurt


Remember a smile, remember. Hold precious in your heart times of silence and peace, moments of full out laughter. Moments, just glimpses of memory will sustain you in times of pain and distress, in times of loss or hurt. When feeling estranged or longing for intimacy, remember the hugs and the journeys, the walks, talks, loving, tears shared, closeness that sustained at one time.

We always long to be loved. To feel connected and to belong. When the one we want to be near is not there for whatever reason, let your memories hold you close: Those memories of the wave of life that we can ride on to carry us through to the next moment, and the next moment…

I am melancholy as I continue to process the death of my friend and colleague. I see her sitting across from me at the luncheon table only weeks ago looking elegant and wise in a wide straw hat framing silver hair and smiling eyes, wearing a colourful full dress and speaking of things she loved and knew and cared about. I hold that image close to my heart and sigh…..and remember…..and am grateful for that day.


  • I am grateful for so very many precious blessed memories of all those who have touched my life for 8 decades.
  • I am grateful to be visiting family at this time of introspection and sadness and  loss
  • I am grateful I can write. And I hope I can touch someone’s heart.
  • I am grateful for a night of rest without Aimee, know she is well-loved and cared for

Love always, Nancy

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