August 25, 2016


“It is obvious that many problems I have are the result of how things were when I was growing up. So here I am spending the rest of my life suffering for personality traits I never asked for. Where is the justice in that? But I was never promised justice.”

Hugh Prather in Notes of Love and Courage.


In the 1970’s Huge Prather was teaching us that we learned to be who we are today, a really long time ago. AND he agrees with those of us suffering the pain of trying to make changes, that is isn’t even fair.

Thank you Hugh! Again, who is this guy? Has anybody every heard him lecture? Taken a class from him? Has he written more than Notes to Myself and Notes of Love and Courage? I like him a lot and have for probably 5 decades now and know nothing about him. To me he is a sensitive soul and I love listening to him.

Yes, suffering today what I learned as a child. I learned to be as invisible as possible. Do not make waves or cause grief to others. Be a good girl. My, my, this good girl does have trouble smashing her way through leaning how to do and what is expected of me so I can climb onto the pony express called Passage to Portage. I feel like I myself live in pony express times and am trying to navigate a Star Wars world. Whew! Talk about learning curve.

My mother would be amazed and proud of me. My dear mother who said, Oh Nancy, I do not know how you can go into that new hospital and asked for job possibilities, when you don’t know them and they don’t know a thing about you! You are so brave!

A piece of cake, Mom. A walk in the park.

Thank heavens for many helping hands.


  • I am grateful my financial adviser is helping me get Nexus. What a relief to have that support and guidance
  • I am grateful Aimee doesn’t like this humidity much more than I do so our walks are short.
  • I am grateful Aimee does love sitting on the porch watching the world go by
  • I am grateful I enjoy watching Aimee watching……

Have a good day and stay cool. Fall is in the air and promises great beauty.  Hugs, Nancy

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