August 21, 2016


“Love, the magician, knows this little trick, whereby two people walk in different directions yet always remain side by side.”

Hugh Prather in Notes on Love and Courage


“….yet always remain side by side.” Even when walking in different directions. Yes. Lovely. Hopeful. Dear friends I have loved truly and deeply over the decades, and again and again we move into different paths, other journeys, yet remain in the heart and spirit of each other. Side by side, always knowing, ultimately always loving, sometimes not knowing just how that love lives on, but knowing that it does.

We carry our history in our bones and skin and organs and blood. Our head is full of memories and we cling to what has been, what we have loved and cherished and created……and then moved away from to seek mysteries in new lands. Always we melt into the knowing and the pleasure and surprise of the remembering.

All this I know as I prepare to find a new home for myself. Same journey, different location. Same memories, same loves, same hopes and dreams, but doing it all somewhere new. Today I find the uncertainty and possibilities awesome, humongous, and enchanting.

Simultaneously cling to your history and move forward. It is a delightful dance. I highly recommend inviting your partner/someone you love to join you on the mysterious dance of major life changes.


  • I am grateful for renewed energy and optimism
  • I am grateful for a lovely lentil and rice and vegetable salad marrying in my refrigerator.
  • I am grateful for a marvellous day of low humidity and very low pollution.
  • I am grateful for several nights of good sleep

Love and happy new journeying, Nancy

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