August 17, 2016


“There is no one else I would rather be than just my own self.”

Nancy Ross.


I quoted myself in the past and my brother gave me kudos for the courage it took to do that. It actually doesn’t take courage. What I was thinking this morning was that I was too lazy to look something up. But what I came to realize is actually true when I was walking Aimee, is that I want the transparency and raw honesty of my own words, today. Honestly, as I look through the long list of people I know well, and many I don’t know intimately but do know and have for a long time, there is NOBODY who is living a life or being a person or having a journey that I would prefer to my own.

What a beautiful freeing feeling that is to have. I like, I could even say, love, my life! Even the tough parts. Even the parts when I get anxious or overwhelmed. It is MY life and I like it. I am the one who wants to live it. It is the life I want to be living.

Some of that of course is because I know my own life very well and have for decades. Some of it is I don’t truly know from the inside out anyone else’s life. But mostly it is as I look over what I have done, who I have known, what I hopefully have accomplished and who I may have influenced, I am well satisfied. There is a whole lot more that must be done…..and I believe I am doing that.

As in: calling for completion and closure to 3 decades in Toronto and moving into uncertainty as well as expectation and excitement. I did not expect to feel this alive and ready for further creation and bigger change as I begin my 80th year. But I find there is joy and hope, delight and opportunity ahead for me.

I encourage you to take the risk. Make a big change. It is good for the soul and challenges your brain. A highly functioning brain is a whole lot about what healthy living is when we age. It certainly takes brain power to change familiar patterns and a familiar way of living. New is exciting and in our old age/elder age wisdom, we can tolerate beautifully and with grace and pizzazz whatever new might have on offer.


  • I am grateful I feel my mind is working…. hard, but working.
  • I am grateful my heart wants to know what is ahead
  • I am grateful I always know whatever I feel at the moment, good or not so good, will change and that gives me hope and helps me feel safe
  • I am grateful for a gorgeous summer day and time to go out and enjoy it.

Hugs and love always, Nancy

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