August 11, 2016


“… a songwriter, the only thing I really do is make jewelry for the inside of other people’s minds”

Thomas Wait, as quoted by Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic


Beautiful image, isn’t it….jewelry for other people’s minds. I love the magic and the colour and the harmony of the thought of jewelry for my inside self. Colour me joyful. Colour me bright, sparkling, fresh, lush, magical. When my mind goes dull and dreary, I must remember to listen to the words of songs, or listen to the music of symphonies, or look at the beauty and mystery of a painting or sculpture, watch a dancer, accept food from a loving chef, notice the glory of a garden……so much I can do to change glum to alive and glittering and colourful.

Jewelry. I put a shiny silver necklace on and feel perky; I love to see chunky multi-coloured stones and beads decorating the neck of someone I love; I think of a sparkling tiara nestled in the curls of a child’s head; and it makes my whole self glow. I can not be down in the dumps when I imagine jewels glistening around the inside of me. Think about it: diamonds stuck to my tummy and lungs, sapphires all around my small intestines and rubies sticking out of my gall bladder and spleen……I chuckle, and continue to imagine: bones carrying crystals and gold running through my blood stream, silver in my muscles, it gets so ridiculous I can no longer feel dull. So much bling.

All of that bling reflected in my mind. No room for hard done by.

A lovely way to tickle oneself out of a downward spiral. Find and appreciate and rejoice in the jewels you carry inside of you. YOU are a jewel, your creative self wants to shine and sparkle and make waves. Give the childlike self inside of you permission to splash colour and brilliance all over their world.


  • I am grateful for a quiet day to find myself again
  • I am grateful I am beginning to feel back in charge of change in my life.
  • I am grateful for air conditioning
  • I am grateful for unexpected food in the freezer and my ability to create something tasty and nourishing.
  • I am grateful for my life.

Hugs and love to all. Let me know if anything I have to say rings a bell, hits a button, slides into the garbage pail, makes sense to you. Nancy

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