July 5. 2016


“I tell you the past is a bucket of ashes.“

Carl Sandburg


Now that is truly something to ponder. What if, just what if…..you decided to turn your back on the past!  Just turn around, close the door, and walk away. Leaving the past behind. A bucket of ashes stashed behind a solid steel door, never again to be given life or attention or…..or anything. Just left by itself to do what it may but to no longer haunt the present.

Closing the door on the past and walking forward without that burden, without those horrible feelings, the memories we don’t want, and making a conscious decision to take with you the good memories but never again to visit or give credence to the bad memories, could be totally and enormously freeing.

Life! Life without the pain of the past. Life with just some sweet memories from those moments that were good and the rest just left to rot. Yes, freeing. That is exactly what it would be like. You could be lighter, smile more, listen to more music and even dance from time to time. How about a full out belly laugh that lasts long enough for you to hold your tummy with the delicious pain of it all. Now what glory might that be!!!

Life would be good.


  • I am grateful that my past no longer haunts me.
  • I am grateful I have forgiven myself and have compassion for myself for the ways in which I messed up in the past.
  • I am grateful I will soon have some time in northern Michigan to rest and let go of any burdens I have inadvertently been dragging along.

Tomorrow will very likely be the last Almost Daily Missal from Nancy for several weeks. I will begin again probably about mid-August.

Have a great rest of the summer and will be in touch again as summer is beginning to fade. Love and hugs, always, Nancy

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